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Beautiful Destruction

Beautiful Destruction (Photo credit: spatulated)

Always we have the opportunity to view the world as we choose. Are you a person CALM WITHIN THE STORM?What is your perspective and how does yoga lead you on a path that keeps you calm, open and a beacon for others? Hurricane Sandy was devastating and destructive at a level that left many of us baffled with great loss and at the very least;deeply humbled. The question is, can we open ourselves to the beauty that still exists? Can we pause and really see what things look like now? While we try to shuffle things back to an order that looks like before, realizing it will never be. We bring ourselves to our mats and settle into this raw destruction which is the birthplace of creativity and human decency, because it is this death rattle from nature that awakens us to our highest energy. Breath it all in – Calm within the Storm is how to respond.