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About ten years ago, I was still working in the Fashion Business and I suffered from a lot of anxiety right before Yoga Changed Everything. Whenever I had to conduct and lead team meetings ( which was every day) I felt tremendous, fear and would allow myself to get swallowed up in it. Blah, Blah, Blah, moving forward. I had a Dance background and was told by one of my fellow colleagues to try Yoga. I guess, I had always wanted to , but was too busy to get myself to a studio. So, Let’s Fast Forward…. I went…. and immediately after my first class, I felt tremendous relief, both physically and mentally. We live in an exciting time, where YOGA is being translated and assimilated into modern lives for every body.  I teach at Yoga Shivaya and Riverstone Yoga.  Anyway, I want to use this blog, Yoga Changes Everything, to engage with YOU and find out how Yoga has changed your life as well as have it be a friendly place for those considering Yoga to ask questions. Cant wait to send out video invites. Talk soon!